Cypress Plumbing- DIY or Call an Expert?


There are certain days in our lives where everything in Cypress just seems to go wrong at the same time. The washing machine does not spin properly, the dishwasher stops working, the sink blocks, the kids fall sick, you don’t feel up to the mark, and suddenly, muddy water comes out of the faucet instead of clean water, or a host of other potential plumbing issues. Everyone has had such a day once or twice, and these are the times when contacting a professional might be an excellent idea.



Do-It-Yourself or Get Professional Help?



The question that might be bothering you at this point is whether to try and repair the problem yourself or whether it makes more sense to hire a local plumber. Well, here are a few pointers that may help you if you are on the fence.


Leaky Taps


At the end of the day, the decision depends on the severity of the issue at hand. For instance, if you have a leaky tap that requires an O-ring fix, that is something you can certainly do as it’s relatively simple. However, if you have a blocked drain, the issue is more problematic. If the blockage occurs at the U-bend of a pipe, the location is easily accessible, but if it’s someplace deeper, then no drain cleaner will help clear the blockage. If a water pipe bursts, you will undoubtedly need the help of an expert.





Another thing to consider is the time and level of knowledge you have to undertake these repair task. So, if you are clueless about O-rings or don’t know how to repair or replace u-bends without causing leakages, then it makes more sense to call a professional plumber than trying to do these tasks by yourself. Also, if you do not have the time to maintain the plumbing system, then it’s better to call in a specialist who will not only fix the current problems but put measures in place that ensure those issues do not reoccur in the future.


The Fees


The cost involved in these tasks is yet another matter of concern. When you contact a plumber for help, they will charge you a visit fee along with the cost of any materials that may be needed to fix or replace a malfunctioning part. As such, you need to be certain that you can afford these costs before availing their services. You may feel that you have enough time and expertise to handle these jobs and save money, or you may decide that certain tasks are best handled by the pros. You also need to take into consideration the long-term costs of doing it yourself. If you’re inexperienced, you may save a few backs now attempting the fix yourself, but if it causes more long-term damage then you’ll spend potentially 2-3x more money on a professional at that point to replace parts.



The Bottom Line


Ultimately, the decision on whether to call a professional plumber or not is up to you. You have the choice of doing the dirty job on your own and saving money, or you could buy some peace of mind by calling an expert yo do the work properly while you relax. However, if you want to do the plumbing work on your own, ensure that you have the right skills, knowledge and enough time to dedicate to the task. Otherwise, you might end up making things worse and being forced to spend more than you initially planned. If you’re in need of a cypress plumber, we recommend speaking with our affiliate in the area, Belknap Plumbing.


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Easy Home Remedies For Everyday Problems

More and more people are turning away from medication to help them overcome everyday problems. These people are turning to home remedies which are easy to use and natural. There are a number of easy home remedies that you can use for the problems that you encounter every day. These remedies will generally be better for your body than medication and do not require you to leave the house.

Home Remedy For Indigestion

Indigestion is something that a lot of people suffer through every day. A great home remedy for this is fennel tea. Fennel can help with an upset stomach, reduce gas in the intestines and the bloating that is associated with it. To get the most out of fennel tea, you should drink it after meals because it will promote digestion.

Fennel tea can be made in two ways and the first is to buy fennel tea bags from the store. It is important to note that not all stores will carry this tea and you might have to look at specialty or holistic stores. If you want fresher tea, you can steep crushed fennel seeds in hot water and drink as a tea.

Itching Skin And Rashes

When confronted with itching skin or rashes, you need to turn to nature for the solution. There are a number of plant-based creams and ointments such as calendula which can be used. Aloe Vera gel will also help to ease the itching sensation and treat the irritated skin.

It is possible to buy these natural products from most stores or online. However, if you live in a warm climate, you could grow your own Aloe Vera plants. To harvest the gel, you will need to cut one of the leaves off the plant and slice it in half. You can then scrape the gel out of the sliced leaf. It is important to remember that this gel does have a relatively short lifespan.

Home Remedies For Asthma

While there is no way to get around using an asthma inhaler in tough situations, there is a home remedy that is known to aid asthma sufferers. This home remedy is not plant based and is a single yoga pose. The cobra yoga pose will open up with breathing passages and this will help people who suffer from asthma.

It is important to remember that you will still need to have an inhaler when using this home remedy. You do not have to complete any other yoga poses if you do not want to.

Home Remedy For A Fever

If you have a fever, you should try a home remedy before you reach for any medication. One of the best home remedies for fevers is to put on wet socks. This will help to lower a fever overnight according to holistic practitioners.

It is recommended that you use cotton socks for this home remedy. You should pour cool water onto the sock and put them on your feet. Of course, you should ensure that they are covered so the water does not run out.

Home Remedy For The Common Cold

The common cold is a problem that many people suffer through, but there is a herbal cure that you can use. Herbal teas such as ginger, cinnamon and basil are full of antiviral properties which help you get rid of your cold. They will also help to ward off any of the major symptoms that come with the common cold.

If you have a more severe cold, you should look at a tincture of Echinacea. Inhaling steam infused with eucalyptus or tea tree oil will also help to clear the blocked breathing passages. To create the steam, you will need a bowl full of boiling water, a towel and essential oils. You should add 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil to the boiling water and inhale the steam. When you do this, you will need to be careful that you do not get too close to the water as the steam could damage your nasal passages.

There are a number of different home remedies that you can use to overcome many common everyday problems. These remedies will use natural ingredients or body positions to ensure that you stay healthy.

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Easy home remedies coming soon!

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