How to Find Furniture and Decor For Luxury Interior Design for Non-Professionals

how to find luxury furniture

In the 21st-century, there are many ways to design a home or business, including styles that are unique and coveted. One of the most admired and respected ways is with luxurious furniture and other decors. It represents not only a beautiful look but an expensive and quality look that separates this form of design from every different type. A majority of people who design this way hire interior designers who know where to shop and what to buy. Some of the places where these professionals buy are trade-only wholesalers that are not open to the public. But what if you can’t or don’t wish to hire a professional? The ways on how to find furniture and decor for luxury interior design can get tricky if you don’t know where to look and if you’re not a professional who has access to nonpublic locations. So here are places to find furniture and decor for luxury interior design when you’re not an interior designer.


When it comes to furniture and decor of luxury quality, there’s no better place for the nonprofessional than the largest Internet retailer – Amazon. Just type in what you want in the search bar, and chances are it will come up. Amazon has a wide range of products with a wide range of prices. Chances are you can find the item at Amazon cheaper than you would at a brick and mortar location. When it comes to shipment, in some cases you’ll pay for shipping, but in other cases, shipping is free if you are what is called a “Prime” member. With each item are photos and lengthy descriptions. A review section is also dedicated to each and every item on Amazon. So go for items that have received reviews to determine if they will be right for you. Keep in mind also that for many of what Amazon offers there is a generous return policy.


Ebay, the large site where you bid and also buy outright, is another place where you can find luxury items. Type in what you desire in their search bar and see what comes up. Also check the rating of the seller before you purchase to protect yourself from an unscrupulous seller better.

Brick and Mortar Large Department Store Retailers

The two largest department store retailers are Walmart followed by Target. These are stores that offer products at a reasonable price for people of all economic backgrounds. In fact, you will find all kinds of people shop these large department store retailers. Because the prices are affordable, you may think that you can’t find luxury in stores like these, but the fact is you can, particularly at a store like Target where designers have their names on certain products especially for Target. You can find things like designer quality stools, wall decors, small tables, sconces, and more. Mix these affordable items in with other items.

Another large department store retailer is IKEA. This is another store that offers the designer look without the price tag. Most of their items require assembly, but many of them do not, such as wall mirrors, pillows, bath accessories, etc.

High-End Furniture Stores

Of course, high-end furniture stores focus on luxury items for the public. The selection will not be as vast as an online location or a huge big box retailer. The prices will also be substantially more. But a high-end furniture store is perfect for the person who is not concerned about being on a budget and who does not need a large selection. High-end furniture stores will often offer unique items that you’ve never seen anywhere else.

high end furniture stores

Antique Shops and Thrift Stores

Of course, high-end items often include those that are old. The one thing that sets older items apart from newer ones is the way they are constructed. Older furniture is often better made than younger furniture unless you’ve paid a fortune for an item. Depending on your designer style, antique shops that sell old, antique furniture are the perfect place to find high-quality and luxury. There are antique shops, and then there are thrift stores. An item found at an antique shop is in almost every case be vastly more expensive than a similar piece found at a thrift shop. So, with a thrift shop its hit or miss. If you are willing to search through the various items, there may be a diamond in the rough waiting for you to earn. This is a great option when looking to build out an eclectic design.

Garage Sales and Estate Sales

Here is another place to find luxury without the high price tag. Depending on your design style, it is a good idea to search garage sales and estate sales for luxury items. More often than not you’ll find something at a severely reduced price. Also, more often than not, the item will be used or gently used. Therefore, if you’re seeking new, modern pieces, you will probably want to skip garage sales and estate sales.

Art Studios

For the person who appreciates creativity or for the person who prefers decorating in only modern styles, art studios are great places to find those one-of-a-kind pieces. The prices of furniture and decor found at art studios is in almost every case, high. However, you’ll be getting something of good quality that nobody else has. And chances are it will remain in the family for generations.

Another form of art studio, but an online variety, is a place like Etsy. Here you look online for your item, buy it from the seller, and then the seller sends it to you. You can find many high-end items for a home or business created by sellers, and many of them are one-of-a-kind.


Auctions are public sales where you must be the highest bidder to capture the product. These are typically high investment ways to purchase the property. But for those with empty pockets, auctions are good ways to find luxury items.

Find furniture and decor for luxury items is fun and easy if you know where to look. Determine our budget, write down exactly what you’re looking for, and stick to your budget and list when purchasing items.

Here are some tips to use when going to auctions:

Online Boutiques

Other online stores, aside from marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay, provide very specific and niche types of furniture and decor that are otherwise difficult to find. In a lot of cases, they are at a premium because of the style and designs, but they come imported from countries where a lot of it is made for high-value stores and the art is hand-made. These products and sites are perfect for high-scale luxury homes and have high quality stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of the sites have a much higher mark-up than others, but we’ve found Shop Design Tap to have reasonable prices in comparison with other, popular brands.

When looking into get your home designed, these are some awesome options to find the right furniture and decor.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you have found the best deals. Also check back on our homepage to find latest info and tips on furniture and interior design!