Wart Removal Home Remedies

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Wart removal home remedies can involve anything from covering them in

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duct tape to massaging them with castor oil, to simply freezing them off...

or our BEST home remedy for warts, which is the ( Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts Remedy)...

Or you could kiss a toad...! *just kidding!*

Warts are generally harmless and not contagious, and no, they don't come from toads!... but they CAN spread throughout the body and can be very painful and cause a lot of discomfort, depending where they are located. Especially if they happen to be on the palms of your hands or bottom of the feet.

Warts Can be Painful!

Anyone that has ever HAD the unsightly things knows what a pain warts can be.

Home remedies for warts are so varied and although there are a number of ways to get rid of them, whether they are on your hands or in more privy parts, probably the most important thing to remember when looking at ways to get rid of warts is that it usually doesn't happen in a day or two.

Check down below for a great home remedy for warts on your feet - look under my favorite warts remedy..

Warts and Your Immune System

Warts can be a sign of needing to boost your immune system.
Here are a few things you can take to help with fighting warts from the inside out!
  • Garlic and Parsley Tablets... you can get these both at most health food stores or grocery stores.
    Take the recommended amount. There have been reported cases of warts gone within days of taking the garlic and parsley!
  • Calcium with Vitamin D
  • Multi Vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc... a small girl got rid of her warts within a few weeks after taking zinc tablets.
Cure yourself of these ugly, nasty intruders by fighting them from the inside!

You may also want to try these Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal remedies by Charles Davidson, an alternative medical practitioner who compiled some of his best remedies in an ebook. In this 90 page e-book, Charles explains in easy to understand language how he has helped hundreds of people get TOTALLY rid of moles, warts and skin tags with his proven PAIN FREE method. (You can grab a copy of his book here.)

Natural Wart Removal Remedies

  • White Tape for warts.. if the warts are in a spot where you can do so, wrapping the white first aid tape around it AND KEEPING THE WART WRAPPED WITH TAPE until it is white and dead and ready to fall off, sometimes totally gets rid of the warts.
  • Garlic is a very popular wart removal home remedies.
  • Crushed garlic smothers warts... crush a garlic clove and smother the wart with it, then cover it with a bandage.
    Or simply cut a piece of garlic clove the size of your wart and tape it on. Rub some Vitamin E on the skin around the wart to protect it and keep it moist as garlic tends to burn the skin if left on too long.
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  • Banana Peel for Warts .. apply the peel of a banana directly to the wart with the yellow side out. Leave it on overnight and change the peel every 12 hours or so until the wart is gone.
    If you need to go to work, just use a small part of the peel and wrap in a bandage. Take the banana as a snack and use the fresh peel to re-wrap it while at work. ;-)
  • Apple cider vinegar for warts ...dip a cotton ball in the vinegar, apply to the warts and then bandage it good.
    Change the cotton every few hours. The wart should start to turn black and fall off within a week.
  • Duct tape...apply the duct tape as tightly as you can so no air can get to the warts. Change the tape as needed but keep it on until warts turn black and fall off.
  • Camphor Oil cover the warts with camphor oil several times a day. This should remove warts within a few days.
  • Tea Tree Oil Warts Cure...apply tea tree oil ( available online or in most health stores) several times a day for a week and it should melt the wart.
  • Milkweed ... look it up on the computer to see what it looks like and also to see if it grows in your area.
    There are a lot of success stories on using the white milk from this weed as a wart removal home remedy.
  • Dandelion Milk apply the milk of dandelion to the wart every day until gone.


This is the way to freeze off your warts at home!
  • Get a can of CRC Compressed Air Duster . You can usually get it in the computer section at Walmart.
  • Get a small shot glass size jar and a Q-tip...you will need this to catch the liquid from the compressed air.
  • Scrub the wart down to where it starts to bleed.
  • Capture some liquid inside the shot jar from the compressed air can and using the Q-tip, apply the liquid directly to the wart.
    Apply pressure with the wet Q-tip until it stings.
    Apply the liquid twice hold it on the wart for about 1-2 minutes. The wart will turn white and start to sink in.
  • Try to get as little of the liquid on your skin as possible as it will act like a burn.
  • Only do this twice and then again a week later to make sure you killed it.
  • Wart removal home remedies at it's best with CRC canned air!

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