Soap for Leg Cramps Home Remedy

I Know, Sounds Crazy, Huh?

The " soap for leg cramps home remedy" sounds like such a silly cure, but according to hundreds of restless leg sufferers , it actually works.


I had to try it on my hubby SECRETLY, so he wouldn't scoff at it, and it worked. *grin*

I personally think something like the Lever200 is a great one to use as it has nice rounded corners plus it smells really good, depending what scent you get.

It seems not to matter WHAT kind of soap you use, although a lot of folks like to use ivory soap. I guess it may depend on which SCENT of soap you like.

One gal was told to use anything BUT ivory, while others declare ivory to be only one to use. So go figure on that one!

How to Use Soap for Leg Cramps

Unwrap the bar of soap.
Simply place the bar of soap UNDER the bottom sheet on your bed, down by the foot area.
Place it far enough down so your feet won't push it around.
When you make the sheets, just make a quick check to see your bar of soap hasn't slid off the bed and into the corner of the sheets.
Change the bar whenever signs of leg cramping comes back.
For some people that may be in 6 months, and for others it has lasted for a year or more.
It may well depend on what kind of soap you are using.
If you DO get a serious leg cramp or charley horse, place the bar of soap directly under the affected area of your leg for a few minutes.
This leg cramps home remedy is so mystical, but hey, it works and it is so safe! so what can we say!

ELIMINATE Restless Legs Syndrome!

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