Pink Eye Home Remedies

Lens Solution Might Cure Your Pink Eye

Pink Eye Remedies
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Pink eye home remedies include everything from putting honey or cold soppy bread on your eyes... to making a salve or poultice from a yogurt culture...

If you want to use the soft contact lens solution, just use a small amount as an eye wash.

Pink eye can be so miserable, that often ANYTHING cool feels good, but thankfully, there are some remedies for pinkeye that feel good PLUS work to cure it.

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Too Much Antibiotics?

One reason many pink eye sufferers are turning to home remedies is because of the harmful side effects of taking too much antibiotics.

Pink Eye Home Remedy
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If you or one of your kids gets pinkeye a lot, you may want to look into some natural cures for pinkeye as the antibiotics is often only an immediate solution and not a cure.

PLUS it messes up the REST of your body.

Once again, this is a compilation of pink eye home remedies that people have tried and used over the past centuries, and while one remedy may work for one person, it may or may not work for you. My suggestion is to be careful what you put on or into your eyes to relieve your pink eye, but on the other hand, most of these natural remedies are way less dangerous to your eyes than the drops your doctor will prescribe to you!

What Causes Pink Eye?

If you are suffering from an eye stye, make sure to visit our page on eye stye home remedies.

Pink eye or conjunctivitis, which is the fancy name for it is when the white part of your eye becomes inflamed.
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When your eye becomes inflamed, somehow it causes itching and tearing in the eye and it is very uncomfortable and painful.
Not to mention that it looks nasty as well!
Many times pink eye is contagious so you want to get it cured as soon as possible, and if it is a viral infection you may just want to go straight to the doctor rather than messing around with home remedies for pink eye.
Most of the causes of pin eye are either:
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Allergies
  • Cold or flu
  • Something got into your eyes and caused it to get infected
  • And in some rare cases, it can be a sexually transmitted disease or STD

If the pink eye starts in one eye and spreads to the other, you very likely have a contagious kind and should get treatment asap, so others won't get it from you.

Natural Pink Eye Remedies

There are several ways to make an 'eye wash' for pink eye with natural remedies.
Whenever you wash out your eyes with anything, MAKE SURE THE WASH OR TEA HAS COOLED DOWN FIRST!!
If you use teas,it works pretty good to use the tea bags, lie down and place it on your eyes.
  • Elderberry blossom tea...wash eyes out with the tea...
  • Chamomile flower tea ... add a tsp of dried chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water, steep for about 5 minutes, then wash eyes out with the tea or make a compress with it and lay it on your eyes.
  • Fennel seed tea... this can help reduce pain and swelling. Use as a wash or compress.
  • Add 3 T. honey to a cup of warm water... use as a wash. Or you can also add a drop or two of honey directly on your eyes as a pink eye home remedy. The honey may burn for a few seconds but will give almost immediate relief.
  • Warm milk....and don't freak out, but warm breast milk works best. So if you are a nursing mom, there you go. :-)
  • Mix a tsp baking soda with warm water for a pink eye wash.
  • Baby wash ... at the first sign of pink eye, place a dab of baby wash in your eye. It will sting a little bit won't harm your eyes...heck, if it was harmful, they couldn't sell it as BABYWASH, right?? Do this a few times a day and it will cure your pink eye within a few days.
  • Here is a quick pink eye relief dab a lemon juice soaked paper towel into your eye, every ten minutes for an hour. A gal declares she was able to open her eyes pain free within about 3 hours.
  • Soft Contact Lens Solution.. it is designed to disinfect. Use a small amount as an eye wash.
  • Boric acid eye wash Mix a T of boric acid to about a quart of boiled water and use as an eye wash. Renu, which is a solution used to clean contact lenses has boric acid in it.


  • The HONEY pink eye home remedy... try diluting the honey with a bit of water first and kinda dab it into the corner of your eye, letting it seep into your eye.
    It won't burn quite as much if you mix it with water.
    If you are brave enough to try the straight "honey into the eyes" thing, just place a drop in the inside corner of your eyes.
    As the honey seeps into your eyes, it will likely burn. Take it as long as you can and then wash out your eyes with warm water.
    Your pink eye should feel incredibly better within minutes. :-)
  • And here is one more that I read about... try at your own risk!... apply one drop of castor oil to the eye three times a day. I would check this one out more, before I tried it myself!

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