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Don't Wash Your hair So Often

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Learn how to make hair shiny with simple home remedies for hair.

One of the biggest factors to hair problems is washing them too often and taking hot irons and curlers to them. Ironing your hair will naturally deplete it of it's natural oils that keeps your hair looking and feeling great.

We want to look pretty so we need to look for home remedies to make our hair shiny again! (I am a hair ironer myself)

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Yao Women and Long Hair

These Yao women on the right are known for their long shiny hair. They make their hair shiny by washing it in spring water and some mixture of rice soup. The spring water has the same effect as rain water does on hair. Rain is a natural hair conditioner.

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Please remember that these are HOME remedies for hair so use common sense when trying them and it is simply a compilation of hair remedies that are specifically to make hair shiny.

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Make hair Shiny Remedies

  • Lemon for hair Squeeze a lemon into about a quart of water and use to rinse hair with once a week.
  • Rain water ... keep a barrel outside to catch rain water and use it to both wash AND rinse your hair. Rain water will give your hair a natural soft shine
  • Egg for hair beat three egg WHITES and massage into hair. Rinse as usual. You can add a little bit of apple cider vinegar with the rinse.
  • Vinegar Apple cider vinegar has been used to make shiny hair for ages. The vinegar smell dissipates as the hair dries and it really DOES leave your hair shiny and MANAGEABLE.
    I used to have THICK hair all the way to my waist as a little girl, and my mom never bought conditioner. We would wash our hair once a week and she braided them.
    She always rinsed our hair with vinegar and all the tangles combed out with ease and they were soft and shiny.
  • Beer for shiny hair... yep, just pour a bottle of it over your hair while in the shower, rinse as normal.
  • Honey,Egg,Aloe and Oil Mixture... mix about 3 T. honey, 4 T. castor oil, an egg yolk and a few T. of castor oil together.
    Mix well and apply to hair. Wrap in a towel and leave it for about an hour. Was as normal except rinse with rosemary water. (To make rosemary water, simply boil some rosemary leaves and use that water as a rinse)
  • Oil combination for hair Combine avocado, coconut,almond and sesame oils with a spoon full of honey. Massage into hair and leave on for about half hour then wash as normal.
    Almond oil has been known to cause hair to grow faster as well.

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