Honey Garlic Vinegar for Weight Loss

They call it a Miracle.


Just... honey garlic vinegar ..is all it takes to make the elixir that will melt the pounds away, and cure a host of sicknesses.

It is one of those easy home remedies that will not only cure a host of things from arthritis to high blood pressure, but the key benefit for many is the amazing weight loss with the apple cider vinegar mixture.

This miracle concoction has been known to heal a variety of ailments including colds and fevers, ulcers, high blood pressure, cholesterol even hemorrhoids and toothaches.

Many have used the honey garlic vinegar mixture to help prevent cancer and it's definitely a homemade miracle elixir you will want to keep on hand!

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Get The Good Stuff...

Braggs apple cider vinegar is the best to use as it still has the 'mother' in it which is the foggy stuff at the bottom. You can get other brands, but make sure it still has the icky foggy stuff in it.

The honey should be unpasteurized or as raw as you can get it and the garlic needs to be organic. I highly recommend getting the official remedy book with the original recipe in it to follow the plan according to the experts but I will include a form of the recipe below for those that want to simply give it a go.

Click Here to get the Official Honey,Garlic,Vinegar Miracle Book


Honey-Garlic-Vinegar Miracle Elixir recipe

Put the following in a blender...
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup raw honey
  • 8 cloves garlic

Mix on high speed for about a minute. Pour into a glass container and seal. Set in the fridge for 5 days which will turn it into a tincture.
Dosage: Two tsp. of the honey,garlic,vinegar mixture in a glass of water or juice. Use orange or grape juice in the morning for a "before breakfast drink".

It's that simple. You can drink several glasses of it during the day or just the one in the morning.

Although we focus mostly here on the weight loss benefits of using the honey garlic vinegar recipe, there are over 100 uses for it in the ebook.

For less than $15 you can access all the information that could very possibly put you on a path to everlasting health!

Here are some testimonials we have found in researching this remedy:

  • Acid Refux: "This honey garlic vinegar remedy helped clear up my acid reflux".
  • Gout and Arthritis: You can rub the elixir directly onto your skin wherever you need relief at.
  • Love life: Reports are that it will not only give you more energy but boost your love life. (my hubby would like that! )
  • Skin Care: You may notice softer skin and vanishing acne with this as it heals from the inside out.
  • These are only a few of the results we found in out research...

Here is a short testimony of a gal that bought the book:

Here's what she says:

"My friend gave me the recipe to help me cure my high blood pressure. I didn't even KNOW about the weight loss that can happen when I started on it.
I took the honey, garlic, vinegar mixture for about 6 weeks and lost 30 pounds!
I started doing some research on it to see what others were saying about it and bought the book.
I can now mix up tonics for my husband and grandkids without ever going to the doctor, and spending all the money.
First I see what I can find in the book, I think it is important to know WHAT to mix together and how much to mix for what and mix something together for whatever is ailing them.
I love my Miracle Elixir book!

Thank You For Reading Honey Garlic Vinegar Now Try More Weight Loss

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