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Eye Stye Home Remedies

Eye Stye Home Remedies Tip: Check Your Make-Up Label

Expired makeup can cause eye styes.

Eye stye remedies are a bit harder to find and I don't really know why, unless most people connect a sty with pink eye or something.

But I was having a hard time finding remedies for styes so I figured it's time to add some simple ones here, all in one place, for our readers. :)

If you are looking for help with pink eye we have a bunch of pink eye home remedies here but we have also found a few simple, home remedies that have worked for folks in trying to cure stye eye which we will share below.

Common Causes of Eye Styes

Sty Eye is usually found on the eye lid causing painful blisters or sores. It is actually a bacterial infection that somehow starts in the eye lid and some likely causes are:

  • Using cosmetics that are expired
  • Leaving makeup on overnight
  • Contact Lenses that haven't been properly sanitized or changing your contacts with dirty hands.
  • Chronic Blepharitis .. you may have blepharitis if you tend to get eye styes a lot.

For the most part the stye will go away and you won't have to see a doctor, but there are ways to help minimize the discomfort and help them go away much quicker with some simple eye stye home remedies.

Some Easy Home Remedies for Stye Eye

  • Tea Bags for Stye Eye... moisten any regular tea bag, put it on your infected, closed eye, bandage in place and leave on overnight.
    Should be much better by morning!
    DRINK the tea!... it will help relax you and drinking tea is ALWAYS a good thing for your body.
  • Parsley is a GREAT Sty Remedy..Parsley water is great for reducing puffiness around eyes and for a simple eye sty cure, throw a handful of parsley into a small bowl.
    Pour a cup of boiling water over it and let is steep for about ten minutes or so, then soak a clean washrag in the hot parsley water for a few seconds.
    Wring the washcloth out so it's not dripping and lie down, then lay the washcloth over your eyes for about 15 minutes.
    Try to totally relax your eye for those 15 minutes... relaxing the eyes will help in reducing the swelling of the stye as well.
  • A hot wash cloth on the eyes is always a great eye stye home remedies, even if it is just a plain water rag as it helps reduce the swelling.
  • Acacia Compress.. make a compress of acacia leaves by boiling a handful of leaves with two cups of water to make a decoction and then apply it as a compress to the eyelid.
  • Drinking dandelion tea will help you get rid of any bacteria in your body that could be causing your stye.
    How to make dandelion tea.. pour hot water over the dandelion leaves - steep for a bit and strain.
    See video below on how to make dandelion tea!

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