Earache Remedies and Cures

Something Warm and Oily...

Earache remedies usually involve trying to get the inflammation down that is happening either in the inner ear, middle or outer ear.

Earache Remedy
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And often a warm oil will do the trick. I like to use warm olive oil or garlic oil and then place a warm cloth on the ear after the oil is inside.

Earaches occur the most in infants and children, but adults can get an earache as well, and most often it comes from colds and flu viruses.

Sometimes it can be a sinus cold that wants to settle into the ears and cause inflammation and infection. Pressure builds up as the ear gets inflamed and it just gets worse from there.

Nothing Smaller Than the Elbow...

Regardless HOW they occur, earaches can be VERY PAINFUL. Especially in infants and children.

When looking at earache remedies and ESPECIALLY home remedies for ear aches, remember to NEVER try to fish something out of the ear with a pointed object. My mother used to tell us kids never to stick anything smaller than our elbows into our ears. :)

Remember if a child has stuck an object in their ear, only a professional should remove it, as you will have no idea if there is something the other side of the object. Poking can do more harm.

Even a cotton bud can scratch the ear and cause an infection, so should be avoided.

Earache Home Remedies

  • Olive oil for earache.. a few drops of warm olive oil greatly relieves earaches.
  • Warm onion juice... MAKE SURE the onion juice is WELL strained to avoid getting fragments of onion in your ear.
  • Crush a clove of garlic and heat with a few T olive oil... STRAIN WELL and put a drop of the warm oil into each ear. This gives immediate relief for earaches.
  • Breast milk... cures just about anything! Place a few drops of breast milk into affected ear for immediate relief.
    This works in both babies and adults for an easy home remedy for earache, provided you are a nursing mom!
  • Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide have both been known to work, but I prefer to use something with an oil base myself.
    If you do try the peroxide as one of your earache remedies, warm it up a bit on a spoon... NOT TOO HOT!... lay your head on a towel and let it slowly drip into your ear, using the spoon.
    Leave it in for a few minutes, you will hear it sizzle and then flip to other side and it will drain out as you do the other side.
    Ears are kinda like eyes... you want to be careful what you put into them! They are both very valuable assets to this life. :-)
  • Salt Sock... put a cup of salt into an old sock and warm it up in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes. Place the sock on your hurting ear. This is a great, warm earache remedy.
  • Mullein - Garlic - Olive Oil ear treatment... heat a mixture of a crushed garlic clove, a few mullein leaves and about 4 T olive oil. STRAIN WELL and put a few drops into the ear twice a day. (side note...you can do it more than twice a day if needed)
  • Cigar Smoke for earache home remedy... this is an OLD hand me down earache remedy. Have someone blow cigar smoke into your ear and then put a cotton ball into it to trap the smoke there for awhile. Stinks but works!

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  • Olive oil - Garlic... I used this with most of my babies, and I had five of them. They would be screaming with pain and as soon as the oil dripped into their ears, they would calm down and fall asleep.
    For any young moms out there, here is a simple home remedy for earache to keep on hand.
    Crush a few cloves of garlic and add to about a half cup of olive oil.
    Heat all together till the garlic softens up.
    STRAIN WELL ... make sure there is nothing but oil when you're done.
    Pour into a small glass bottle with dropper.
    If you don't have a bottle with a dropper cap, just store it in another small glass bottle and keep the dropper handy.
    Keep in the fridge. With it being a natural earache cure, it will keep longer in the fridge.
    To use the olive oil ear remedy simply suck a small amount into your dropper, hold it over a burner to heat a tiny bit... DO NOT OVERHEAT or it will burn the ear.
    Place a few drops into the ear and place a warm cap on the babies... adults can simply lay down with a warm towel wrapped around their ears.

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