Dry Hair Remedies 
Ever Tried Beer Or Eggs?

Try these great dry hair remedies

Just don't scramble the eggs into your hair!

You can even use vinegar and avocados as a remedy.

Dry Hair Remedies
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Some of these just sounds ewwy, but lots of people swear that they work great for dry hair treatment. My personal favorite is vinegar but I have heard great reports on the egg one.

I haven't tried some of the hair remedies listed below, but I am not surprised if they work as it seems that often the simplest home remedies are the best when it comes to giving our hair a helping hand.

Tip for dry ends: apply olive or almond oil to your hair every other night for about a week. Let it set in your hair overnight and then shampoo in the morning.

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Simple Way to Use Eggs for
Dry Hair Remedy

Whip an egg with a cup of lukewarm water and apply to your hair. It should create a lather. Leave the egg mixture on your hair for about 15 minutes then shampoo as usual.

Dry Hair Remedies
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Another egg mixture for dry hair that works well is to mix 3 eggs with several tablespoons of olive oil, and a teaspoon of vinegar. Rub this mixture into your hair and leave it on for half an hour then shampoo as usual. Wearing a plastic shower cap helps keep the solution on your hair.

Still another egg remedy for dry hair. Beat the egg YOLKS (only the yolks) until frothy and then adding the oil and some water. Massage the egg mixture into your hair and scalp, leave on for 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual.

TIP WHEN USING EGGS IN HAIR: Do NOT rinse with HOT water or you may scramble the eggs in your hair! No kidding!

How to Use Avocados for Dry Hair Remedy

Mix the Following Together:
  • One avocado – peeled and mashed
  • One teaspoon almond or olive oil
  • one tablespoon lime juice ( squeeze a fresh lime for best results!)

If you have very short hair, half the amount shown above would be enough.
Mix everything together, dampen your hair and apply the avocado mixture to your hair. Leave it on for about 30 minutes then wash and shampoo as usual. (Gently shampoo and apply conditioner lightly.)
You can use the avocado as a home remedies for dry hair about once a month or more often if you need to. Sometimes in the winter months when the air is more dry, it is good to do it more often.

How to Use BEER for Dry Hair Remedy!

Beer for dry hair! … One gal says to pour a can of beer over your hair in the shower as a rinse and then rinse out with water for a lovely shine.
Home Remedies For Dry Hair
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I would suggest using a beer that doesn't smell to strongly! Otherwise you MAY give a wrong impression at work!

Another way to use beer for dry hair home remedy is to spray it on your hair before it is dry or before you set it. Beer keeps for awhile in the fridge so if you use this method, you may want to keep your spray bottle of beer in the fridge.

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