Benefits of Swedish Bitters

What are the benefits of swedish bitters? You'll likely never see me promoting herbs or natural remedies promising instant success and quick, dramatic healing. There simple is no room for McHealing when it comes to herbal remedies.

But if there ever was a product that could change my mind, then it's the one you're reading about now. Indeed, I still stand strong, there's no such thing as an instantaneous "herbal miracle cure", but Swedish Bitters would probably come very close...

Swedish Bitters is the name of a herbal tonic made from eleven different herbs, originally formulated by an 11th Century Swiss Physician, Philipus Paracelsus. With all the benefits of Swedish Bitters, it is a good thing that this special formula was 

rediscovered in the mid 1800's, for the first time, under the name we know it as today. 

Swedish bitters has healing properties that encompass a wide spectrum, but on this page I will try and focus, only on it's digestive aiding abilities.

The greatest property of Swedish Bitters is that it has the ability to adapt to the unique demand of your body. In other words, it will target the problem area, whether it is indigestion, stomach acids imbalances, toxins in the liver, flatulence, or sluggish intestines, and deals with it gently, but firmly.

Swedish Bitters are used when the digestive system needs healing or cleansing so that maximum nourishments can be absorbed, and to help get rid of the stuff that can be toxic for your body. This includes chemicals we digest every day as part of our modern food diet.

With a cleaner digestive system, you will experience a regular toilette routine, as Swedish Bitters is also a gentle laxative. Not just that, it also restores the natural acid balance of the stomach and help digets heavy and fatty foods so that your body is provided of more energy, making you feel more vital.

Another of the benefits of swedish bitters is that it soothes the liver and helps it function properly. The liver is in charge of the metabolic balance of the body, by producing fluids needed for proper and complete digestion as well as ridding the system of dangerous toxins.

So if you struggle with gas, constipation or any digestive disorder, even acute gastritis, pancreas disorders or irritable bowel syndrome, Swedish Bitters has a track record of help just such people with just such problems. Just remember with any serious disorder, go see your doctor first!

How Should I Take It?

For starters, you have to decide whether to make the tonic yourself or to just buy it over the counter.

If you decide to take the DIY route, this is how it is done:

Mix up the following herbs, 10 grams each of manna, senna leaves, rhubarb roots, aloe, natural camphor, theriac venezion, angelica roots and zedoary roots. Plus 5 grams of both myrrh and carline thistle roots with 2 grams of saffron. Put the mixture in a wide-neck 2 litre bottle.

Fill it up with 1.5 litres of rye or fruit spirits. Now let it stand for 14 days in the sun or next to the heater where it is warm. Every day shake the bottle a bit. After 2 weeks, strain the liquid and pour it into smaller bottles that close up tight, and store it in a cool place. You can keep these tonics for years, and the longer they stand the more potent they get, just remember to shake the bottle before you use it.

Taking the tonic can be done 'straight' for those who don't mind the taste and smell, you get use to it. I actually enjoys its warm, herby taste with the alcohol bite at the end.

An easier way would be to dilute one tablespoon of the tonic with warm tea or water, and then sip it before and after a meal three times a day. If you suffer from constipation, take it every morning on an empty stomach for six weeks.

If you experience any kind of pain, you can use Swedish Bitter externally as well, by making a compress or messaging it into the skin.

To experience the benefits of Swedish Bitters with a compress, go about it like this: Soak cotton wool with the tonic or with diluted tonic in warm water. Then put the soaked cotton wall on the painful area and you cover it with dry cotton wool, put plastic on top to keep it warm and insulated. Tie everything up with a bandage to keep it in place. This can be done many times until you feel relief.

If you opt for just rubbing the tonic directly on the skin, you might want to first rub some oil on the area, since the alcohol might dry out the skin and make it itchy and sensitive.

You could use the external remedy along with the internal remedy.

Be Careful

With all the above mention (and not mentioned) benefits of Swedish bitters, you'll be glad to hear that consumption of the remedy brings minimal side-effects. Since many Swedish Bitters tonics are alcohol based, pregnant and nursing mothers should rather not use it, not just for the alcohol, but the aloe often gets absorbed into the mothers' milk and cause the baby to get diarrhoea.

People with severe liver conditions and high blood pressure should talk first to their doctor before they use Swedish Bitters.

Don't use Swedish Bitters if you are vomiting, feeling nauseas, have diarrhoea or are experiencing abdominal pain.

When you feel your stomach becomes very tender and find yourself sleepy all the time, you might be using too much Swedish Bitters and should reduce the dose.

Finally, never drink Swedish Bitters with milk, as it negates its effect.

Hope you enjoyed reading of the benefits of swedish bitters.

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