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Providing easy home remedies and natural cures, if you are unfortunate to suffer from an ailment or condition, take a look at our conventional and unconventional  remedies. If the answer isn't there, maybe a simple herb can help. Check out our pages full of facts about herbs that can cure, then when you find the one that suits your health problem , we also have a section on how to grow herbs.

Easy Home Remedies For Pink Eye
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Pink Eye

Dry Hair



Easy Acne Remedies
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Strawberries For White Teeth!
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Well... clearing throat... there ARE a few suggested solutions here and there on our site that might cause an eye brow raise or two, but they were simply too good NOT to share!

Try Easy Home Remedies First
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Instead of digging through a ton of bogus ideas and suggestions on how to take care of a health issue, try to stick with the ones we either know HAVE worked or that make sense as to why they SHOULD work.

Common Health Issues:

Our goal is to have basic solutions, salves and potions that you can make with stuff you have around the house or that is easily accessible from a health food or grocery store so we try to stick with the ones that are:

  • Quick to follow...and simple to make with ingredients we have in the cupboards.
  • ... that MAKE SENSE... (well, most of them anyways... some of the things people do to get better are just too good NOT to share!)
  • and that actually WORK for most any ailment, flu or sickness that we all face from time to time.

Herbs for Menopause, Hair Loss, Diabetes, Digestion, Acne and many more, Home Remedies.

Sometimes it can be a mite overwhelming when you are looking for the RIGHT cure that works for YOUR particular situation.

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And, just because we, or anyone else raves about a certain cure-it-all, doesn't mean it is THE ONE that will be the magic pill or salve...

Everyone's situation may be a bit different so just because one method may not work for you in curing whatever it is that ails you, don't be afraid to try something new.

Most of these remedies won't hurt us anyways and in many cases it is actually good for our health just to take some apple cider vinegar or gargle with peroxide!

The Truth About Antibiotics

It is a proven fact that antibiotics actually FEEDS the cause of yeast infection and although it may relieve the infection for a season, eventually the symptoms will be back in FULL FORCE.

Many times by using some simple and  natural cures for yeast infections, you can actually KILL the root of it and start living again!

Once I realized that so many of the prescription drugs from the doctor actually PROLONGED my problem or in some cases, can even ENHANCE the root cause of it, such as taking anti-biotics for yeast infection, for example, I was much more willing to try some home remedies and natural cures.

And That is Just ONE Example of Many

You will find many used and proven (and probably some not so proven!) natural treatments throughout this site. I do caution you to use common sense when trying ANYTHING on this site and Please read our Disclaimers Page as well.

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